Watch a Film With Purpose

Watch a Film With Purpose

Watching a ดูหนัง is one of the simplest pleasures of modern life. Movies can be entertaining, and they can provide a much-needed distraction from work and other stressors. For some, movies are even therapeutic. A 2016 study found that watching films with a sense of purpose can help to relieve symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Why you should watch film?

If you’re looking to expand your cinematic vocabulary, try studying some classics – not the latest popcorn movie or blockbuster but some of the greats. These are the kind of films that deserve to be seen more than once. By watching a film several times, you can learn more about how it was made, how it communicates a message or evokes emotion. During each viewing, you can analyze the acting and directing, and think more deeply about how the movie’s visual elements – such as lighting, music and camera shots and angles – create a certain mood or feeling.

It’s also worth trying to understand why your opinion of a particular film differs from others. This could be because you have a particular sense of humor, or maybe a film’s subject matter is particularly close to your heart. It’s a useful exercise to see how your personal experience affects your reaction to a film, as well as to consider why your opinions might not jibe with those of a critic you trust.

If you’re interested in exploring more classics, check out Kanopy, a streaming service with thousands of titles available to its members. The site allows you to sign up with a library card, whether it’s a public or school library. Once you’re approved, you can search for films by genre and topic. For example, you can look for movies about history – ancient, LGBTQ cinema, war & action, sociology, and more.

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