Top 5 Songs About Poker

Top 5 Songs About Poker

Poker and gambling have a long history in music, with artists from all genres creating tunes that incorporate themes of risk and luck. From classic rock to country and blues, here are a few of our favorite songs about poker.

1. Shape of My Heart – Sting

This song isn’t just about a game of poker but about the whole world in general. It features a poker player who deals the cards in an attempt to find a way to crack the code of life, explaining that “spades are swords of strength,” “clubs are weapons of war,” and “diamonds mean money for this art.” This is one of the most brilliantly written songs on our list and also one of the most famous poker songs.

2. That Was a Crazy Game of Poker – O.A.R

Whether you’re looking for an upbeat anthem or a devil-may-care country tune, this song is sure to have it all. The upbeat sound of this O.A.R classic makes it easy to forget that the lyrics are full of poker references to the brim. In fact, the band even covered this song with Johnny Cash himself, giving it an added layer of depth and joy.

This classic blues track is hands down the oldest on our list of poker songs. Its lyrics are packed with poker metaphors, including the infamous little queen of spades that men won’t leave alone. The thumping bassline and filthy distortions make this song a real banger.

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