What Essential Oils Repel Possums?

Are you sick of possums destroying your garden at every opportunity? If so, you are not alone. Finding an effective method to deter possums, which may be a nuisance to homes and gardeners alike, can be difficult. There are several approaches you can take, however, essential oils offer a natural and efficient option.

This article will discuss many essential oils that are effective in keeping possums away from gardens. Let’s get started learning how to keep those pests out of your garden with essential oils!

Possums: What Are They?

Possums are a type of marsupial that can range in size from tiny to medium and can be found naturally only in Australia, New Guinea, and the surrounding islands. They are a member of the family Phalangeridae, which also contains over seventy distinct species of possums.

The furry bodies, huge eyes, and long, prehensile tails of possums are what give them away as a separate species. They’re also well-known for their flexibility and success in a range of environments, from woods to grasslands to cities.

In Australia, possums fall under the category of “protected species,” so it is against the law to hurt or kill one without the proper documentation. In other regions of the world, such as North America, possums are often killed or captured because people view them as a nuisance.

Despite their unfavourable reputation, possums are vital to many ecosystems due to the seeds they spread and the pollen they carry. As a result, many predators rely on them as a source of food, including snakes, owls, and foxes.

What Essential Oils Repel Possums?

There are several essential oils to deter possums from your garden or property. Here are some of the most commonly used ones:

Peppermint Oil

A lot of people use peppermint oil because of its refreshing aroma and beneficial effects. In addition to improving people’s health, it can help keep possums and other pests away naturally.

Possums don’t like the pungent smell of peppermint oil, so you can use it in several ways to deter them from coming near your yard or property. Cotton balls soaked in peppermint oil are commonly used for this purpose and then strategically placed near plants or along fences where possums are known to frequent.

You may also use a spray bottle to apply a mixture of peppermint oil and water to your garden or home. Possums may be discouraged from crossing this kind of barrier.

Peppermint oil may be helpful as a repellent, but it may also have unintended consequences, such as driving away other animals and insects. If you don’t want to kill the wildlife that helps your garden thrive, apply it sparingly and carefully.

Eucalyptus Oil

Another common essential oil that has shown promise in deterring opossums is eucalyptus. A natural and non-toxic method of keeping possums away from your garden or property is to use eucalyptus oil, which has a strong aroma that is known to be unpleasant to possums.

Eucalyptus oil can be used to deter possums from your garden or property if you soak cotton balls in the oil and scatter them about, or if you dilute the oil with water and spray it on the ground in the areas where possums congregate.

It’s crucial to use eucalyptus oil sparingly and cautiously because it can be hazardous to some animals. If you want to make sure it won’t destroy your garden or discolour your property, try it out in a small area first.

In sum, eucalyptus oil can be an efficient and natural approach to keeping possums away from your garden or home, but it must be used with caution and restraint.

Citronella Oil

Because of its powerful, lemony aroma, citronella oil is frequently used as a natural insect repellant. However, it also has the potential to be an efficient possum deterrent.

A mixture of a few drops of citronella oil and water in a spray bottle can be used to keep possums away from your garden or home. The possums will have a harder time crossing the barrier you’ve set up.

Citronella candles or torches can also be used to keep pests at bay in the garden. Citronella’s strong aroma can deter possums and other unwanted visitors.

While citronella oil is typically safe and non-toxic, it has the potential to cause skin and eye irritation in certain people. You should also do a small test to ensure that it will not discolour or damage any of the surfaces in your garden or elsewhere on your property.

In general, using citronella oil to keep possums and other pests away from your garden or home can be an effective and all-natural solution.

Lemon Oil

The natural essential oil of lemon has a smell that is both invigorating and revitalising. Possums find the scent of lemon oil offensive, thus it can be used as an efficient repellant.

Some people have reported success using a mixture of a few drops of lemon oil and water in a spray bottle as a possum repellant. Such a barrier may discourage possums from crossing.

To deter possums from locations where people or plants are present, such as along fences or near plants, try scattering cotton balls doused in lemon oil. If you do this, they may think twice before trespassing on your garden or property.

Although lemon oil is deemed non-toxic and safe for most uses, it may cause skin and eye irritation in some people. To make sure it won’t discolour or damage any of your garden’s or property’s surfaces, it’s best to conduct a tiny test run beforehand.

Using lemon oil to keep possums away from your garden or property is a natural and effective option.

Garlic Oil

Possums can be deterred with garlic oil, another all-natural deterrent. Garlic’s pungent odour is a natural deterrent because it is unpleasant to possums.

To keep possums away from your garden or property, combine a few drops of garlic oil with water in a spray bottle. You can also soak cotton balls in garlic oil and place them in areas where possums are likely to be, or you can crush garlic cloves and distribute them over your yard or property.

While garlic oil is typically safe and non-toxic, it should be noted that it may cause skin and eye irritation in some people. You should apply it sparingly or only in locations where the strong garlic odour won’t be an issue because it can also leave a strong garlic odour in your yard or property.

When used sparingly and cautiously, garlic oil can be an excellent and natural approach to deter possums from your garden or home.

It’s worth noting that while possums may be repelled by essential oils, other animals and insects may be repelled as well. If you don’t want to harm the beneficial creatures in your garden, use them sparingly and with caution.


The possum is a native of Australia, New Guinea, and the surrounding islands. Their unique appearance, versatility, and crucial role as seed dispersers and pollinators in various environments have earned them widespread recognition.

 Despite enjoying legal protection in Australia, possums are occasionally considered a pest and slaughtered for their fur. However, keep in mind that possums are an integral element of many ecosystems and help keep things in check by eating pests and other animals.

Natural repellents, such as essential oils, can be a gentle and effective approach to dealing with possums in your yard or your home. Never overuse these products, and if you’re having trouble with possums on your own, it may be time to call in the pros.

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